One Lord, One Church, One Hope, and One God: Mennonite Confessions of Faith

Published: November 18, 2021

Table of contents:

Foreword (C. J. Dyck)

Author’s Preface

Section One—An Orientation

I. Historical Introduction

II. Toward a Theological Interpretation

III. Some Ecumenical Implications

Section Two—The Confessions

I. The Dordrecht-MC Confessional Tradition

II. The Ris-GC Confessional Tradition

III. The Russian-MB Confessional Tradition

IV. The Smaller Mennonite and Related Confessional Traditions

Section Three—Documentation

I. Tables (Data Collection)

II. Bibliographies (Works Consulted)

III. Appendices (Additional Confessions)

IV. Scriptures (Individual Confessions)

Howard John Loewen
Text Reader 2
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Elkhart, IN:
Institute of Mennonite Studies
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