So Wide a Sea: Essays on Biblical and Systematic Theology

Published: November 18, 2021

The relation between biblical and systematic theology is once again the subject of vigorous debate. In this
book biblical scholars and systematic theologians enter into this debate, which has significant consequences for theological education and the church. The book’s title derives from Gabriel Biel’s observation five hundred years ago, that scripture is “so wide a sea.” Since then, this sea has sometimes divided biblical and systematic theologians. The authors of So Wide a Sea make a significant contribution to understanding and bridging this division.

Table of contents:

Preface (Ben C. Ollenburger)

Biblical and Systematic Theology in Interaction: A Case Study on Atonement (Thomas Finger)

Biblical Theology and Normativity (Elmer A. Martens)

Biblical and Systematic Theology as Functional Specialties: Their Distinction and Relation (A. James Reimer)

Critical Theology and the Bible: A Response to A. James Reimer (Gordon D. Kaufman)

Biblical Theology and Feminist Interpretation: A Dinosaur at the Freedom March? (Mary H. Schertz)

Theology in Transition: Toward a Confessional Paradigm for Theology (Howard John Loewen)

Biblical and Systematic Theology: Constructing a Relation (Ben C. Ollenburger)

Ben C. Ollenburger, ed.
Text Reader 4
ISBN: 0-936273-18-6
Elkhart, IN:
Institute of Mennonite Studies
1991 • $10.00 • 145 pages