The Widow and the Judge — Memory, Resistance and Hope: Intercultural Reading of Luke 18:1–8 in Latin American Contexts of Impunity

Published: November 8, 2021

Part 1 describes the context of impunity in which the participating communities from Perú, Colombia, El Salvador, and Guatemala—read the text. Part 2 describes the readings of the text realized by the seventeen participating groups, and the exchange they had with their partner groups. Part 3 takes stock of the results of the interaction between the groups and shows the richness of the intercultural Bible reading process, and its usefulness for the ecclesial communities affected by impunity: better understanding of their reality and increased motivation to continue transforming it, nourished by a shared appropriation of the text and the exchange with their partner group.

“Quietly, almost imperceptibly, biblical study has been undergoing a Copernican revolution. People are recovering the Bible’s capacity to act as a catalyst for self-criticism and transformation. They are learning to read scripture from multicultural perspectives, and have their own preconceptions challenged by the authenticity of the experience of others’ encounters with the text. Brilliantly conceived, this intercultural Bible reading project might just save biblical study from its Babylonian captivity to dogmatism and cultural isolation.” —Walter Wink