The Work Is Thine, O Christ

Published: December 8, 2021

Table of contents:

1. Preparation of a leader: Erland Waltner from Dakota to Elkhart / James C. Juhnke
2. President of Mennonite Biblical Seminary / Cornelius J. Dyck
3. From Kitchener to Curitiba: Erland Waltner’s presidency of Mennonite World Conference / Ross T. Bender
4. Executive secretary of Mennonite Medical Association / Willard Krabill
5. An office by the river / Nina Bartelt Lanctot
6. There is no peace
7. Basic principles in improving church and conference relationships
8. Education for apostleship
9. A biblical/theological perspective on pastoral car
10. Where do we go from here?
11. From road to river spirituality
12. 1 Peter
13. Aging as grace?
14. Embracing furious opposites
15. Boundaries of love
16. Healing the terror within
17. The grace of humility / Ingrid Schultz
18. Continue in what you have learned / Jacob W. Elias
19. Multiplying mission / James F. Schrag
20. Whose image? / Janeen Bertsche Johnson
21. When the children ask / June Alliman Yoder
22. Jesus, the Lord of all nations / Lawrence H. Hart
23. Be seated at the table / Leonard Wiebe
24. Building bridges within the global church : turning swords into plowshares / Mesach Krisetya
25. How Christian is your driving? / Peter J. Dyck
26. Christian witness in marriage / Rose Waltner Graber