Understanding Ministerial Leadership: Essays Contributing to a Developing Theology of Ministry

Published: November 18, 2021

These essays are intended as a corrective to an earlier emphasis on the ministry of the whole people, and instead emphasize the ministry of those who are called out, set apart, trained, and ordained.

Table of contents:

Preface (John A. Esau)

Recovering, Rethinking, and Reimagining … Mennonite Theology
for Christian Ministry (Esau)

Helping Dreams Come True: Towards Wholeness—Articulating the Vision (Erick Sawatzky)

Ministerial Status and the Theology of Ministry (Rodney J. Sawatsky)

Inner Call/Inner Ambivalence (Renee Sauder)

Reflections on Pastoral Ministry and Pastoral Education (Marlin E. Miller)

The Mutuality of Ministry (Lydia Neufeld Harder)

Clarifying the Pastoral Role “On the Fly” (Duane Beck)

Re-institutionalizing the Pastorate: A Proposal for Attracting More Able Candidates … (Ardean L. Goertzen)

An Emerging Theology of Ministry: Incarnational Presence (Marcus Smucker)

The Credibility of Leadership (George R. Brunk III)

John A. Esau, ed.
Text Reader 6
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Elkhart, IN:
Institute of Mennonite Studies
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