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At AMBS, our mission is to serve the church. Our faculty, staff and students are committed to producing scholarship that not only furthers discussions within academia but also edifies the church and advances God’s reconciling mission in the world.

Digital Resource Center

Our collection of available resources is always growing. One place to look for resources is in our Digital Resource Center. Here you’ll find webinars, book series and more!

Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology

Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology is published twice a year to encourage theological reflection on the identity, mission and practices of the church from an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective.

Anabaptist Witness

Anabaptist Witness is a global Anabaptist and Mennonite dialogue on key issues facing the church in mission. The journal is published twice annually by AMBS, Mennonite Church Canada, and Mennonite Mission Network.

Take Our Moments and Our Days: An Anabaptist Prayer Book

Take Our Moments and Our Days: An Anabaptist Prayer Book is a collection of daily prayers with distinctive Anabaptist flavor evident through the predominance of Jesus’ voice, the space for communal reflection on scripture, and the specific choices of Bible readings. We offer these services in the hope that you will find in them a way of prayer through which the voice of Jesus will pervade your whole day. 

New book releases

The Institute for Mennonite Studies regularly publishes new books. Learn more about new book releases.

Our library

Our library is another place to search for resources. You’ll find lots of print and online books and plenty of journals in our library. You’ll also find knowledgeable and caring professionals to help you find and use these resources. Learn more about our library.

Our online store

Our physical bookstore is located inside the AMBS Library. We also have an online store that allows you to purchase anything in our inventory via the web. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please email [email protected]. In-store pickup is always free; you can choose to ship items for a small charge. Browse our online store.