Avoiding Avoidance

Mary E. Klassen

June 2, 2014

Dr. Malinda Berry, incoming AMBS professor

Dr. Malinda Berry, incoming AMBS professor

Malinda Berry, PhD, incoming assistant professor of theology and ethics, explores how she struggled with assigning a John Howard Yoder book in a class she taught this semester. Mennonite Life commissioned her to reflect on this struggle, and we secured permission to repost that article, "Avoiding Avoidance," on Sara Wenger Shenk’s blog, “Practicing Reconciliation.”

Thoughtful, critical and compassionate, Malinda’s reflections call us to stop adding to a cycle of violence and injustice by avoiding, defending or excusing Yoder’s behavior. Read these reflections and the three key conclusions Malinda arrived at in using Yoder's Body Politics in a course taught at Bethany Theological Seminary.