Explore program, Center of Faith Formation

!Explore: A Theological Program for High School Youth

!Explore gives young people in grades 10, 11 and 12 the chance to develop leadership gifts.

The theological program nurtures youth who are passionate about the church and who desire a place in it — youth who are asking deep questions and long to share their vision, energy and hopes. Through the Congregational experience and Group experience, participants engage the world of theological ideas and foster a call to vocation in the church.

  • Group experience: During the 16-day Group experience, July 3–18, 2018, youth worship, serve and study. Participants become church with and for each other while exploring their own places in their congregations and in the church they imagine for the future.
  • Congregational experience: The Congregational experience comes before, after, or on both sides of the Group Experience. Participants serve in their congregation for 100 hours over a period of five or more weeks, working along side their pastor in a mentoring relationship.

► Apply today! Application deadline for 2018 is Feb. 15, 2018.

!Explore continues thanks to two generous donors. Up to 15 participants will be selected for the program.

“!Explore was an incredible experience that laid the foundation for where I am today.” — Ben Bouwman, Master of Divinity student, !Explore 2005