Apply to !Explore

We are excited that you are considering !Explore: A Theological Program for High School Youth! Please review and complete the following forms according to the instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Forms will open in a new window. Fill out the pre-application form to receive further instructions. The deadline to submit applications is February 15, 2018.

For youth

Discuss the !Explore program with your pastor and your parents. Remember that the Congregational Experience will need to be a priority in your schedule and will involve 20 hours per week for five weeks. There are two forms that applicants fill out on their own: this Contact Information Form, and the Youth Reflection Form.

► !Explore Contact Information Form (for youth) ► !Explore Applicant Reflection Questions (for youth)

For youth and pastoral mentor

Find a time for the applicant and pastoral mentor to complete this Covenant form together.

► !Explore Covenant Form (for youth and pastor)

For pastoral mentor

Review the details of the !Explore program and application forms with the prospective youth participant. Each congregation is invited to submit up to three applications (one youth per application). Please note that normally only one youth will be accepted into !Explore from each congregation.

► Pastoral reference form


► Reference form