Chaplaincy major

AMBS’s Master of Divinity Chaplaincy major (available in both the MDiv Campus and MDiv Connect programs) prepares students to provide pastoral and spiritual care in both congregations and organizations.

Coursework and field placements focus on restoring personal and corporate health in its spiritual, relational, emotional and physical aspects. The disciplines of biblical study, theology and ethics undergird interpretive understandings needed for chaplaincy ministry, including identifying the image of God in others, seeking intrapersonal and interpersonal shalom, and fostering release to all who are captive.

Students will develop competence in inter­cultural and interfaith understanding and communication. They will gain practical chaplaincy experience through internships overseen by Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programs or in chaplaincy ministries that can provide chaplain supervisors.

This major is designed to bring students interested in becoming certified chaplains near to the completion of the academic and CPE requirements set out by the Board of Chaplaincy Certification Incorporated (BCCI). See the website of the Association of Professional Chaplains for more information.

The Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) is “a multicultural, multifaith organization devoted to providing education and improving the quality of ministry and pastoral care offered by spiritual caregivers of all faiths through the clinical education methods of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).”

AMBS students apply directly to the programs doing ministry in their areas of interest, and individual CPE centers handle the application and acceptance process. Some centers teach and supervise chaplains only in hospital settings. Other centers teach and supervise students in ministry locations such as prisons, residential communities, schools, and congregations. AMBS students are encouraged to consider doing CPE placements in two or three different settings to broaden their range of knowledge and experience. Students seeking certification by the Board of Chaplaincy Certification Incorporated must complete four units of CPE internships.

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