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Sign up for our events one at a time or enjoy the benefits of being a member. When you, your congregation or conference/regional church join the Church Leadership Center, you enter a network of current and emerging leaders, and regularly connect with others in the AMBS learning community and beyond. Special membership rates allow you to save substantially on individually priced events and programs, with the option to share benefits with others from your organization.

Who can join?

Individuals, Congregations, Conferences, Regional Churches or Districts of any denomination who want to strengthen their skills, deepen their ministries and renew their vision for being part of God’s reconciling mission in the world. While many of our resources are designed for active church leaders, they are valuable for lay learners, as well. You don’t need to be ordained or in a ministry role to take advantage of this opportunity to learn!

Membership terms

The membership period runs July 1 to June 30. Unused benefits expire June 30. Membership benefits are not transferable between organizations. Join today!

Level 1 | $400/Year


Level 2 | $625/year


Level 3 | $1,100/year