Church Leadership Center

The AMBS Church Leadership Center expands the seminary’s offerings by providing a variety of programs for personal enrichment, spiritual and theological reflection and ongoing leadership development.

Grounded in an Anabaptist theological perspective, the Church Leadership Center seeks to promote and inspire a biblical vision of effective leadership for a changing world. The Center serves any type of leader who shares an affinity with Anabaptist commitments, locally and around the world.

Goals of the AMBS Church Leadership Center:

  • Deepen theological and spiritual reflection on leadership
  • Guide participants in wise practice of leadership skills
  • Promote and inspire a biblical vision of effective leadership for a changing world

Resourcing active and emerging leaders from any discipline

Whether you are a leader inside or outside the church, we invite you to join friends from around the globe who share your passion for biblically grounded, wise leadership practices.

Choose from among our many high-quality online and campus-based learning options to strengthen this stage of your leadership journey. Deepen your roots in scripture and gain a greater understanding of what an Anabaptist lens offers for today’s leadership challenges.

Enrichment and leadership development opportunities

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