Leadership Clinics 

Leadership Clinics are day-long workshops that focus on topics related to leadership within the church.  They are normally held the Monday of Pastors Week. While many participants also choose to attend Pastors Week, you can also register and attend one of these events without attending Pastors Week. While clinics are designed for active church leaders, they are valuable for lay learners, as well. You don’t need to be ordained or in a ministry role to take advantage of this opportunity to learn!

Leadership Clinics 2017

9am-3pm, day before Pastors Week, on campus

Monday, January 23, 2017






Congregational Leadership and Ministry in the Face of Sexual Abuse

Presenters: Moderated by David B. Miller, AMBS Associate Professor of Missional Leadership Development, with members of the Mennonite Church USA Panel on Sexual Abuse Prevention

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David B MillerIn the summer of 2015, the delegates to the Mennonite Church USA unanimously adopted a statement on Sexual Abuse. That statement committed the denomination to:

...tell the truth about sexual abuse; hold abusers accountable; acknowledge the seriousness of their sin; listen with care to those who have been wounded; protect vulnerable persons from injury; work restoratively for justice; and hold out hope that wounds will be healed, forgiveness offered, and relationships established or reestablished in healthy ways.

In December 2015, a Panel for Sexual Abuse Prevention was named to "continue the work of healing and prevention of sexual abuse within the denomination." In this clinic, Panel Member and AMBS Associate Professor David Miller will be joined by other Panel Members to discuss the work of the Panel to date, explore the challenges that must be faced as the church tells "the truth about sexual abuse" and priorities for those who are in congregational leadership to prepare the church for both prevention of sexual abuse and obligation for intervention when abuse occurs.

Moderated by David B. Miller, DMin, with other members of the Mennonite Church USA Panel on Sexual Abuse Prevention.

Read Mennonite Church USA's Churchwide Statement on Sexual Abuse

David B. Miller is Associate Professor of Missional Leadership Development.




Make 4 Hours Count: How to Streamline Bible Study for Ministry 

Presenter: Mary Schertz, AMBS Professor of New Testament 

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Mary SchertzThis clinic will address how to fit preparation of a biblical text that one wishes to use in ministry--a sermon, teaching a class, or other use-- into a full, real life with its interruptions, short windows of opportunity, and many demands. My passion is to help leaders discover texts in ways that help them help their own people to discover texts--and not to take all week to do it. The clinic is designed for pastors, Bible study teachers, and other church leaders who have some education, experience, and background in Bible. Other interested students would be advised to first take an introductory Bible course or comparable seminary study.

Mary Schertz is Professor of New Testament at AMBS.



Sustaining Long-Term Pastorates

Presenters: Duane Beck, Dave Sutter, Janice Yordy Sutter


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With attention and care, long-term pastorates can thrive and be fruitful. According to author Paul Beasley-Murray, research shows that a pastorate of more than ten years “makes possible greater in-depth knowledge of and relationships between the pastor and individual church members as well as between clergy and the congregation as a whole,” and that “for alert, competent clergy, the risks [of a long-term pastorate] are worth taking.

How can pastors move toward thriving, fruitful, long-term ministries? In this clinic we will identify the advantages and disadvantages of the long-term pastorate and explore the competencies and capacities that make a healthy long-term pastorate possible.

We will discuss how several practices can bring joy and vitality to both pastors and congregations, even as we acknowledge our need for God’s grace when facing the unexpected:

  • developing a pastoral “rule” to sustain the inner life
  • shaping a web of support
  • paying attention to group processes, including family and congregational systems
  • understanding leadership within the congregation's mission
  • leading in conflict transformation
  • establishing habits of lifelong learning

Participants will be invited to contribute their own pastoral wisdom to the conversation.

Duane BeckDuane Beck recently retired after serving 45 years as a pastor, including 13 years at Bethel Mennonite Church in West Liberty, Ohio, 21 years at Belmont Mennonite Church, Elkhart, Indiana, and 11 years at Raleigh Mennonite Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Janice Yordy Sutter has been in pastoral ministry for 35 years, including two short-term pastorates in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Denver, Colorado. The majority of her ministry tenure has been with Kern Road Mennonite Church, South Bend, Indiana, alongside her husband, David. She is grateful for the 23-year long-term ministry of Joe and Emma Richards at Lombard (Illinois) Mennonite Church that shaped her early faith and call to ministry.Dave and Janice Sutter

David L. Sutter has served three congregations in his years of ministry.  The last 29 years he has served as one of the pastors at Kern Road Mennonite, South Bend, Indiana.  David has also served on numerous not-for-profit local, regional and national boards and committees over the years, including several within Indiana-Mennonite Conference and Mennonite Church USA.



Worshiping our Way into God’s Future

Presenter: James Krabill, Senior Executive for Global Ministries for Mennonite Mission Network and sessional faculty at AMBS


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James KrabillWorship patterns in many congregations focus on the church’s past (often under the label of “traditional”) or reflect our cultural reality in the present (often referred to as “contemporary”). The Christian scriptures point us toward yet a third reality—a time at the “end of time” when a multitude from every nation, tribe and language will stand before the throne and sing, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne and to the Lamb” (Rev. 7:9-10). This will be a time, according to worship historian, Michael Hawn, when our praise will be universal and our diversity will reveal the splendor of the Creator’s imagination.” The time has come for the 21st century church, says Hawn, to worship her way into God’s future.

In this leadership clinic, we will attempt to explore what that means, beginning with some biblical reflections on worship and then examining together some important tools like “The Nairobi Statement” which broaden our horizons to the multiple ways in which Christian worship relates dynamically to culture—transculturally, contextually, counter-culturally and cross-culturally.  Special emphasis will be placed on how we can incorporate some of these important features into the life and worship of our local faith communities. 

James Krabill is Senior Executive for Global Ministries for Mennonite Mission Network and sessional faculty at AMBS.














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