Lifelong Learning with the
Church Leadership Center

Jewel Gingerich Longenecker, Church Leadership CenterA message from the Dean of Lifelong Learning

Deepen your ministry, strengthen your skills and renew your vision with resources from the AMBS Church Leadership Center. Our highly qualified faculty guide theological reflection on ministry practice, provide wisdom on the “how-to’s” of ministry, and stir imagination for more effective spiritual leadership in a changing world. And you can achieve all of this in the midst of busy ministry assignments.

Whatever your ministry stage, lifelong learning resources from the Church Leadership Center can help you keep your ministry fresh, get connected to professors and colleagues, and remember why you do what you do. It might be a webinar, a daylong workshop, or a three-day conference. It might be an online Anabaptist short course or a ten-day seminar extending over the year. It might be volunteering at AMBS, one day a week or for several weeks at a time, or just occasionally. Whatever step you decide to take next, we can enhance your ministry journey. — Jewel Gingerich Longenecker

Church Leadership Center events




Spiritual Guidance Seminar

Learn how to accompany people on their spiritual journeys and guide them to deeper faith in God through our supervised program for pastors and leaders. This seminar meets five times over an eight-month period. 

"I learned so much and was given so many resources to help me succeed."

"I believe it has helped me to become a better pastor. I find I listen differently when I visit."

"I hope more pastors and leadership take this course, even if they do not go on to be a spiritual director."

"Thank you so much for providing this very helpful seminar at a reasonable cost. I came from a distance and found the schedule to be doable."


Connect with others around the globe for live, 90-minute, online webinars presented by faith leaders speaking on relevant issues.

"Thank you for providing this service. I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn from home like this!"

"This is my first webinar, and I'm very impressed. It gives us a chance to listen to an "expert" and to participate by asking questions."

"Very inspired by the fresh ways to approach the work of the church in our communities."

"I very much appreciate that the speakers were clearly struggling to be faithful in their own ministries, and were not passing themselves off as having easy answers. Their sincerity, their courage, their insights... I was truly encouraged by the whole discussion."

Short Courses

Continue your lifelong learning through affordable, online or face-to-face non-credit 4 to 6 week courses on topics related to ministry and theological exploration. Some courses are offered in Spanish.

"Thank you for offering this online class. I appreciate the fact that I could take this class from home and continue to attend to my responsibilities as a pastor."

"It was an excellent course -- a good selection of readings, thoughtful responses from students and profs, and stimulating discussion."

"These courses should be advertised as available and useful to lay members, especially those in church leadership positions."

"Thank you! This was a marvelous first experience with AMBS."