Pastoral Studies Distance Education

The Pastoral Studies Distance Education Program is under construction!  We are revising the program and are not accepting new students at this time.  We expect to have the new revised program up and running by September 2016. Please fill out the PSDE Inquiry Form  to indicate your interest and receive updates.

Ministry training that's individual, at the college-level and with minimal time away from current duties--that is PSDE in a nutshell. It is for active leaders of congregations; for pastors called to the ministry without college or seminary training; and for lay leaders, deacons and elders wanting training to prepare for their ministry. Five units of study cover theology, pastoral care, biblical study, church history and ministry skills that are most important in congregational ministry.

Each of the program's five units has an instructor who interacts with students following each lesson. Each student also has a mentor in their geographical area that meets with them on a bi-weekly basis. Each student needs to be in a congregation where they can use their gifts and practice what they are learning through the PSDE Program.

The PSDE program:

  • focuses on issues vital to ministry in a Mennonite congregation
  • uses the Leading God's People curriculum.
  • provides distance instruction along with interaction with a local mentor;
  • may earn the student 15 undergraduate credit hours.

See a brochure about PSDE. Print it out or save the PDF file on your computer so you can send it to someone who may be interested in this program of study.

Program details

Curriculum & under graduate credit
PSDE uses the Leading God's People curriculum. Each of the curriculum's five units takes approximately 20 weeks to complete. Students are asked to commit to a minimum of 5 hours of study per lesson for the duration of the unit. Completion of the entire course (five units) earns the student 15 under-graduate credit hours (three per unit).

PSDE packets are available upon request.

To apply

The application process starts by filling out the PSDE inquiry form. Students may enroll any time from September through May.


$600 per unit.
Sources for financial aid (PDF file)

Additional information

See how the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference, Central District Conference and AMBS are using the Leading God's People curriculum in a conference-based leadership development program called Journey.


Lois Hess Nafziger
administrative assistant, PSDE
[email protected]
(574) 296-6245