Pastors Week teaching sessions

2014 teaching sessions:


The Hermeneutics of Sight: Why Seeing (with) Jesus Requires Reading Culture

Presenter: Dr. Andy Brubacher Kaethler, AMBS Assistant Professor of Christian Formation and Culture

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Reading the Bible with Jesus — Cultivating Hospitality to the Text, to the Community, and to the Spirit’s Transformation

Presenter: Dr. Rachel Miller Jacobs, Assistant Professor of Congregational Formation

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  • A culture of fear and the habit of vulnerability avoidance
  • Hermeneutical convictions (reading the Bible in groups, and the processes that make that possible)
  • Preparing to teach/lead (attending to the text)
  • Managing strong feelings in ourselves and others — in preparation for teaching and in the moment of teaching (what we need to attend to intellectually, emotionally, and physically)


Blessed be the Odd!

Presenter: Dr. Safwat Marzouk, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

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Seeing (and Hearing) Jesus Christ in the Preached Sermon

Presenter: Dr. Allan Rudy-Froese, AMBS Assistant Professor of Christian Proclamation

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Jesus Christ has always been important in preaching but in different ways. In the 1970s and 1980s Jesus was celebrated as a gifted preacher/storyteller whom preachers should emulate in the pulpit. The word from Eugene Lowry and others was that preachers need to preach the parables, or at least they need to preach narratively, because that is how Jesus preached. A parallel move located Jesus as the ethical model that needed to be held up in preaching. To preach Jesus meant to preach sermons on how we need to be like Jesus. Another way to link Jesus and preaching came from Charles L. Campbell in the late 1990s. He stressed the need to Preach Jesus not as model preacher or as ethical example but as the subject of faith. What went missing in Jesus as model preacher and Jesus as ethical example was Jesus as Lord and savior–the one who died and was raised for us, the one who gives good gifts to us. How do we preach Jesus in this way? I will argue that peaching Jesus in this way includes being clear about what the sermon is doing–in connection with what the sermon is about. The sermon where Jesus is the subject does Jesus as Lord, healer, and savior to the listeners. To preach Jesus means to do the gospel to the hearers. When we preach Jesus, Jesus arrives in our midst. He comes to heal, forgive, and grant life