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The Church Leadership Center offers webinars that feature worship resources and insights into pastoral care, theology and ministry. These online learning events offer a wide range of resource sessions that both complement and expand on the topics explored in on-campus workshops.

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Connecting to a webinar requires a computer with reliable, high-speed internet access, and computer speakers. Our webinars work best when the participant wears a headset. This is not mandatory, but doing so helps to eliminate feedback and distortions. After registering online, participants receive a link to a test webinar and an e-mail message prior to the start of the webinar with a Web link and password to access the webinar.

2014-2015 Webinars

Funeral Planning: An Anabaptist Approach

Wednesday, April 22, 2:00-3:30 p.m. EDT

Presenter: Janice Yordy Sutter, Pastor of Worship and Preaching, Kern Road Mennonite Church, South Bend, Indiana

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Some of the most beautiful work of a congregation can be the grieving, surrounding, preparing, and faith-proclaiming that happen at the death of a loved one.  This is a time to listen deeply to one another, to share stories, to comfort, to grieve, to reflect on one’s own life, and to depend on Christ to whom we belong in both life and death (Romans 14:8-9).

In this webinar we’ll talk about the logistics of planning and leading funerals and memorial services.  As a leader of a community of faith, the pastor has a unique role in helping to shape a service that enables the expression of grief and remembering in ways that assist with healing, while giving voice to the hope of our Christian faith.  This webinar will also give attention to the role of the congregation in the funeral, and the pastor’s part in assisting the congregation in doing its important work.

Janice Yordy Sutter, M.Div., is Pastor of Worship and Preaching at Kern Road Mennonite Church (South Bend, Indiana) where she has served for 26 years, alongside her husband and co-pastor, Dave.  Together with the congregation, they have had the opportunity to plan and lead many funerals and other varied congregational rituals to mark the end of earthly life.  Janice finds these times to be faith-shaping for her and the congregation.
Along with her pastoral responsibilities, Janice has chaired the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference Leadership Enhancement Team and served as a congregational coach (overseer).

Where is the Good News for Rural Folk?

This webinar has been postponed to fall 2015.

Presenter:  S. Roy Kaufman, AMBS Sessional Faculty

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The context for churches/communities in rural America is dire.  Rural churches and communities continue to decline in numbers, services, and spirit.  Rural people continue to be disenfranchised by corporate interests, government policies, and technological innovations.  Traditional agrarian cultures are being usurped and dismantled by the mainstream culture.   Where is the Good News for rural folk?  How does the Gospel of Jesus Christ “take hold” in rural America?  This is a key issue for practitioners of ministry in rural communities.

This webinar will begin with a brief analysis of some of the forces of oppression—the “demons” that “possess” rural communities in North America (and the world).  The webinar will explore Jesus’ ministry in rural Galilee to see how Jesus engaged in community formation by casting out the demons of oppression under which the rural people of Galilee were living.  The webinar will explore how such a ministry of community formation might take place in the context of rural America in the lives of oppressed, declining rural congregations, enabling these congregations to become missional agents of change in their communities.  Current trends and cultural developments that provide opportunity and hope for rural communities will be discussed.

S. Roy Kaufman is an AMBS Sessional Faculty member.


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