College students

If you’re just starting college (or are already in college), This is the perfect time to start learning about your options for graduate/seminary studies, even though it may be a while before you begin. 

We’d love to talk with you about AMBS if you’d like to explore being part of our learning community and challenging yourself to grow spiritually and theologically as well as to strengthen your leadership skills for whatever roles God might be calling you to next.

Meet the AMBS Admissions team

From your first inquiry about seminary study to your transition from applicant to student, we’re here to help you.

Photo of Janeen Bertsche Johnson
Janeen Bertsche Johnson, MDiv
Admissions Associate
Teresa Thompson Sherrill
Teresa Thompson Sherrill, MDiv
Enrollment & Financial Aid Specialist
Paul Keim, PhD
Student Services Coordinator
Mary Ann Weber, MA
Director of Enrollment

Want to visit campus?

We’d love to host you for a visit! We offer financial assistance toward your travel costs, provide lodging during your stay, and waive your application fee if you decide to apply.

What else can you do to prepare yourself?

  • If you’re going to a Mennonite college, participate in the Ministry Inquiry Program (MIP). If not, check with pastors you know to see if they’d be willing to set up a similar type of internship.
  • Take Bible classes and Greek and/or Hebrew if those courses are available.
  • Take a public speaking course.
  • Get involved in a local congregation during college; volunteer as a youth sponsor, worship leader or Sunday school teacher.
  • Attend a regional or denominational church conference or convention and meet people from other parts of the church.
  • You don’t have to major in Bible or religion, although those majors give an excellent background for seminary. A liberal arts degree is important. People come to seminary with all kinds of majors; some of them will do bivocational ministry, so having training in another area can be beneficial.

Yes, you can afford seminary!

AMBS’s low base tuition rate

+ generous need-based financial aid
+ scholarships for full- or part-time student
+ church matching grants
= an affordable seminary degree

Ready to join our learning community?