Christian Theology 2 HTE528E

Instructor: Malinda Elizabeth Berry, PhD

Christian Theology 2 picks up where Christian Theology 1 ended, continuing the exploration of theological loci and focal points by attending to the remaining topics often covered by systematic approaches to theology. Here are the seven topics we will cover: pneumatology (the person and work of the Holy Spirit), ecclesiology (the nature of the church and its worship), mariology (the study of Mary, the mother of Jesus), discipleship (the Christian life, spirituality, and ethics), theology of culture (the meaning of culture, theopoetics, and theological aesthetics), theology of religions (Christianity among the world’s religions), and eschatology (last things and the life to come). Beginning with a review of theological method, we will proceed with a basic description of theology’s task from Robert King: “If there can be said to be a single overriding task for theology at the present time, it is to recover a sense of the wholeness, [that is] the unity and the integrity, of the Christian witness.” From there, Christian Theology 2 will survey these seven topics from various ecumenical points of view while exploring students’ embedded theologies alongside Anabaptist theological postures in relation to our topics.