Contemporary Theology HTE625 / B

Instructor: Contemporary Theology HTE625 / B

One of theology’s tasks involves mapping the geography and terrain of Christian tradition and thought. This course contributes to this task by engaging students in a descriptive and evaluative review of theologians and theological trends throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. Attention is given to the historical and cultural contexts as well as to the methodological commitments that have shaped contemporary Christian thought, from historical giants like Walter Rauschenbusch and Karl Barth to theological movements like postliberalism and liberation theologies. In addition to providing students with a basic survey of “contemporary theology,” this course uses the “peace theology” and “theology and the arts” movements to reflect on a range of “social problems” that are also, in fact, theological problems. This course is strongly recommended for students with an MDiv: Theological Studies: History, Theology, and Ethics major and students interested in becoming spiritual directors. Prerequisites: Christian Theology 1 and 2. (MDiv 2; MACF 2; MATGA 5; MATPS 2)

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