Discerning and Knowing: Theory and Practice CHM660H

Instructor: Discerning and Knowing: Theory and Practice CHM660H

This course combines both theoretical and practical approaches to congregational discerning and knowing around important difficult issues. How is it that churches come to know? Can there be a communal epistemology? How do worldview and culture influence what we know? How do we know whether God is communicating with us? The class will explore how congregations and other church groups can learn and practice spiritual discernment regarding missional vocation, divisive ethical matters, and other important issues of faith and faithfulness. In addition, students will learn beliefs, habits, skills, knowledge, commitments, and spiritual practices necessary for Christian discernment. The course is designed to use multiple ways of knowing in the learning process as well as to reflect on these ways of knowing. (MDiv 2, 5, 6; MACF 1, 2)

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