Earthkeeping HTE670 / B

Instructor: Earthkeeping HTE670 / B

This course is about listening carefully and deeply as Creation groans in travail. Our practice of faithful listening involves spending time with several interconnected themes: the theological context of environmental stewardship; the ethical dilemmas we face as we respond to calls for ecojustice (a blend word comprising economic, ecology, and justice); the intersection of place and spirituality; and how these themes shape our Earth-consciousness in the Christian church. The exploration and integration of these themes includes the pioneering paradigms of Watershed Discipleship developed by thinkers like Ched Myers, “slow violence” expounded by scholar-activists like Rob Nixon, and ecowomanism theory explicated by Melanie Harris and Layli Maparyan that all work together to help us understand creation as a web of interconnection of both ecological flourishing and ecological destruction. The goal of these integrated paradigms is to develop a shalom-based theological anthropology to ground our understanding of Earthkeeping as a peace and justice concern. (MDiv 6; MACF 4; MATGA 4; MATPS 3)

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