God’s Shalom and the Church’s Witness CHM500E

Instructor: James R. Krabill, PhD

This course serves three purposes: (1) to combine various subfields of practical theology by bringing into focus questions related to advocacy theologies, applied theology, and spiritual theology; (2) to introduce students to the biblical, theological, and spiritual core of theological education at AMBS; and (3) to introduce students to missional theology in Mennonite perspective. The course is organized around a basic question: What is the center/meaning/goal of the gospel? Developing a reply to this query with any depth of meaning requires us to use critical, appreciative, reflective, and confessional approaches as we articulate our posture. In other words, integrating peace theology, missiology, and ecclesiology, we will determine what is central to the Christian church’s identity and purpose and how we know if we are being faithful to this calling.