Greek Exegesis: Gospel of Mark BIB604H

Instructor: Greek Exegesis: Gospel of Mark BIB604H

This exegetical study of the Gospel of Mark will focus on the Gospel as a unique window on Jesus and on the gospel that he proclaimed. Primary focus will be on the text and the exegetical skills needed for understanding and communicating its message to others. Along the way, we will explore themes important to this Gospel and its study: the content, structure, and flow of the narrative; the Gospel’s relationship to Matthew and Luke; the value of Mark for understanding the historical Jesus; the “messianic secret”; the kingdom of God; discipleship; and the theme of the disciples’ misunderstanding. Students will solidify language skills, cultivate exegetical skills, and explore ways in which the message of this Gospel can be conveyed through preaching, teaching, and scholarship. Prerequisites: see the beginning of this section. (MDiv 1, 3)

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