History of Christianity 2 HTE502 / E

Instructor: History of Christianity 2 HTE502 / E

This course offers a critical survey of the history of Christianity from roughly 1300 to the present, comparing the legacies of Byzantium and Rome and assessing the varieties of Reforming movements (Lutheran, Reformed, Anabaptist, Anglican, Roman Catholic; pietist, charismatic, liberationist, etc.). Students will explore major changes and continuities within Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism in the context of nation formation and the development of a globally dispersed and diverse Christianity. Students are further expected to draw conclusions from their study of the past for the church’s present faith, ministry, and mission. Meets the MDiv Church History requirement. (MDiv 2, 5; MACF 1; MATGA 2, 4; MATPS 1)

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