Human Development and Christian Formation CHM531

Instructor: Rachel Miller Jacobs, DMin

Competent ministerial identity and practice are rooted in self- and other-awareness, theologically and biblically grounded reflection on human becoming, and a balanced and healthy spirituality. At the service of competence and flourishing in current or future ministry, this course has two goals: (1) to strengthen students’ understanding of practical theology as a content area and their skill in applying it as a methodology; and (2) to allow students to demonstrate growing personal and spiritual maturity. Class activities and assignments focus on putting human development and Christian formation frameworks into conversation with each other in an interdisciplinary way; thinking theologically and in culturally nuanced ways about human development and Christian formation; reflecting on the ways past issues and experiences can chart a way forward and/or hinder human development and Christian formation for self and others; and exploring the ways spiritual practices foster human development and Christian formation.