Introduction to Bible Study Tools BIB503 / E

Instructor: Introduction to Bible Study Tools BIB503 / E

This course serves as an orientation to the academic study of the Bible, with a focus on both the Old
and New Testaments and the art and science of biblical interpretation. Students will gain basic
facility with the Greek and Hebrew alphabets in order to use study aids and research tools based in
the original languages (including commentaries, Bible dictionaries, monographs, journal articles,
reputable online sources, etc.). Students also will be oriented to various Bible study tools, including
(1) Greek and Hebrew Bible study software; (2) the nature and growth of the biblical canon; (3) Bible
translations; (4) a brief introduction to historical and literary approaches to the Bible; (5) Anabaptist
approaches to scripture; and (6) various tools for biblical interpretation, including resources in the
AMBS Library. This course socializes students of the Bible into the primary and secondary sources of
biblical studies that empower scripture’s theological animation for the personal and social
transformation of the church and world. (MDiv 1)

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