Ministry in Church and World INT687 / E

Instructor: Ministry in Church and World INT687 / E

The primary content for this two-semester course is the student’s experience in an 8- to 10-hourper-week ministry internship. This context provides a setting for the student to test and refine ministry skills, develop ministerial identity, and grow in self-awareness and confidence as a practitioner. The student may do the placement in a congregation, church institution, or community service agency under the supervision of an experienced practitioner with recognized theological formation. Weekly classes led by an AMBS faculty member focus on fostering the skills of theological and ethical reflection on the practice of ministry; peer consultation; and the development of healthy personal boundaries. Before enrolling in this course, students must submit an application to the Director of Contextual Education and be advanced to candidacy for the MDiv degree by the faculty after completing 11 credit hours at AMBS. Prerequisites: Leadership Education in Anabaptist Perspective (LEAP) and advancement to candidacy for the MDiv degree. (MDiv 3, 4, 5, 6)

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