Political Theology and Ethics HTE628

Instructor: Political Theology and Ethics HTE628

How does theological thought shape political activity and identity? What is the relationship between political theology, perception of the modern state and its influences, and assumptions about social change? This course explores political participation in relation to the state, Christian faithfulness in the aftermath of Christendom, the compatibility of Christian discipleship and liberal democracies, and change that is independent from the state. After an introduction to founding texts of the Augustinian, Thomist, “magisterial” Protestant, and Anabaptist traditions of political theology, the course surveys the most influential Christian political theologies of the past 100 years. It then turns toward lesser-known questions and methods from nondominant perspectives of political theology committed to de-coloniality and liberation. Prerequisite: Christian Theology 1. (MDiv 2, 5; MATPS 1)

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