Religion and Peace Processes HTE575

Instructor: Religion and Peace Processes HTE575

How do lived theological thought and practice shape violent conflict and peace? Colombia, South America, is the context for the course query. Many people inside and outside of Colombia were shocked by Colombian Christian churches’ self-congratulatory celebration of the “no” vote to the internationally acclaimed peace agreement in 2016. Drawing on stories and experiences of faithful Colombian Christians of diverse theological and political vantage points, this course explores theology, religion, and ethics in conflict and peacebuilding. It emphasizes the importance of applied ethics and lived religion while also taking theology and peace studies theory seriously. The class brings together conversations that are often compartmentalized in literature and curricula: Christian identity, Christian ethics, and theology, on one hand; and conflict transformation, peacebuilding frameworks, and state-oriented peace processes, on the other. It provides frameworks to help students design change initiatives and peace processes within conflict settings that align with God’s shalom and move towards a just peace. (MDiv 5, 6; MATPS 2, 3)

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