Spiritual Guidance Practicum CHM686 / H

Instructor: Spiritual Guidance Practicum CHM686 / H

The first half of the two-semester practicum concentrates on initial steps in providing guidance to others, while the second half explores the ministry of guidance with people in particular contexts. Issues considered include discerning the presence of God in multiple situations, the contribution of guidance to the mission of God, shaping guidance in various ecclesial and ethnic contexts, and offering guidance across the adult lifespan. Throughout the practicum, students will receive supervision for their work as directors. Prerequisites: Christian Theology 1; Human Development and Christian Formation; a Spiritual Practices course; the completion of 30 credit hours toward the MDiv or MACF degree; experience in receiving spiritual direction for at least a year; and active local church involvement. (MDiv 5; MACF 2, 6)

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