Strange New World of the Bible 1 BIB511

Instructor: Susannah M. Larry, PhD

Although the Bible is familiar to the majority of Christians, a close study of its texts in their historical contexts takes readers on a new journey through the strange world of the Bible. In the first part of Strange New World of the Bible 1, students will delve deeply into the texts and contexts of the Old Testament and will be introduced to major events that have shaped its texts and theologies. They will study closely texts from the Torah, Prophets, and the Writings, and they will get acquainted with the genres of narrative, law, history, and wisdom of the Old Testament and the ancient Near East. This class integrates historical, literary, cultural, and theological approaches to studying the Bible in order to equip students with the tools to interpret the Bible in its historical, literary, and theological contexts so that they can proclaim the Bible’s witness to God’s mission in the world.