Teaching and Learning for Transformation CHM643 / B

Published: October 23, 2021

Instructor: Rachel Miller Jacobs, DMin

With learning at its center, this class has one goal: to strengthen students’ capacity to integrate learning theory and practice so that they can design and teach curriculum for significant learning. At the service of this goal, students will deepen their capacity to select appropriate forms of presentation, choose effective application activities, and assess performance in ways that deepen and extend learning and growth for both students and teachers within the design of their course/curriculum (the major project for this course). Class activities include learning about and implementing backward design; experimenting with mini lectures and a variety of reading practices; engaging in discussions and writing activities; and planning ways to evaluate learning and both provide and receive feedback well. The course is bookended by two “special sauce” sessions: what’s in mine and what’s in the students’. This allows me to be transparent about my commitments as a teacher at the beginning of this course and students to claim the commitments they want to carry forward into their own teaching at its end.