Teaching the Bible in the Congregation BIB505

Instructor: Teaching the Bible in the Congregation BIB505

The function of this class is to deepen our understanding and practice of teaching scripture in the congregation both formationally and informationally. To that end, we will assess current approaches and attitudes toward the Bible, explore the real or perceived gap between scholarship and the church, plan effective teaching modules for various congregational settings, gather strategies to combat biblical illiteracy and biblical irrelevancy, and explore the role of the pastor and other congregational educators in teaching the Bible. This course is for those who want to nurture spiritual maturity by helping a congregation encounter the Living Word. Congregations and leaders prepared to receive biblical words as life-giving among them are better able to engage the ongoing challenges and opportunities that arise in congregational life and offer the Bible as an important guide for both present and future. (MDiv 1, 6; MACF 1, 2, 3)

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