The Gospel of Mark BIB521 / B

Instructor: The Gospel of Mark BIB521 / B

Students in this course will read the Gospel of Mark in community with an eye toward animating its call to discipleship. As the architect of Gospel literature, Mark the Evangelist inspired a media revolution as he wrote the Jesus story into history. Now widely understood as the first canonical Gospel written, Mark’s blueprint of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection influenced subsequent Gospels and generations of Christians to take up their cross and subversively follow Jesus on “the way.” Through a close reading of the text, we will drill down into the first-century Jewish and GrecoRoman world of Jesus and his first followers. The course serves as a historical and theological introduction to Mark’s Gospel, with special care for how this text speaks to the world today. (MDiv 1, 3; MACF 1, 2)

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