The Religious Other in the Bible BIB620

Published: October 23, 2021

Instructor: Jackie Wyse-Rhodes, PhD

This class examines two interrelated layers that relate to the notion of religious otherness. The first layer unpacks how ancient Israel (the Hebrew Bible) and the church (the New Testament) related to those who were different religiously. Students will study biblical texts that portray the religious other in their literary and historical contexts (ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman worlds), with the purpose of revisiting biblical and theological themes such as inclusion/exclusion, election, salvation, and covenant. The second layer pertains to how Christian readers of the Bible relate to Jews and Muslims who also relate to these biblical traditions. Thus the class will scrutinize issues such as supersessionism, universalism, and particularism. The goal is to prepare church leaders who are equipped to participate effectively in interreligious dialogue.