Worship Colloquium CHM515 / B

Instructor: Rachel Miller Jacobs, DMin

For students who enroll in it, the colloquium functions as a worship committee that helps those on the AMBS campus worship in ways that reflect the diversity of our learning community. This diversity includes but is not limited to differences in language, culture, nationality, theological orientation, and worship “style.” In our work together, we will practice tending to chapel services that are both suited to our particularity and that unite us with the body of Christ in worshiping the living God. For those who are leading an individual chapel service, the colloquium serves as a group with whom to do some preparatory brainstorming to begin their planning and to debrief after the fact. For both groups, the colloquium provides a lab setting for worship planning and evaluation that strengthen corporate worship life. Students must register to receive credit; other students may attend without registering. The colloquium may be taken twice for credit and is open to anyone on the AMBS campus. Those planning and leading chapels are strongly encouraged to attend the colloquium in advance of their chapel service in order to take advantage of the resources available through the colloquium.