Digging into faith and politics

Published: November 1, 2016

AMBS Communication

One of the great things about being part of the seminary community is the many opportunities for conversation on faith-related topics. This election cycle has given us plenty of issues to consider as we discuss how our Christian faith intersects with politics — local, regional, national and global. Here are some glimpses of recent reflections shared by AMBS faculty and staff members:

  • Seven questions on faith and politics with Daniel Grimes, director of enrollment and financial aid (The Mennonite) Daniel reflects on his involvement in local politics in Goshen, Indiana, where he served on the city council for seven years. He initially got involved in advocacy work when the city’s school board was considering restructuring the elementary schools; he also played a role in bringing an anti-mask ordinance to the city council when the Ku Klux Klan was holding rallies in Goshen. Read more
  • Encounters with God: Humanizing experiences amidst questions of faith and identity Andy Brubacher Kaethler, assistant professor of Christian formation and culture, shares about his recent experience of becoming a naturalized citizen of the U.S. Read more
  • Faith and politics Malinda Elizabeth Berry, assistant professor of theology and ethics, spoke at Southside Fellowship in Elkhart in October about how we might evaluate faith and politics as Mennonite Christians, encouraging us to critically appraise our participation in U.S. civil religion. Listen to Malinda’s sermon
    Malinda also contributed an item to Christian Century’s Oct. 4, 2016, cover story: “A book I’d like my elected officials to read.
  • Christian faith and the political process, online presentation from the Church of the Servant in Wichita, Kansas Lois Barrett, professor of theology and Anabaptist studies, is one of the panelists in this Oct. 25, 2016, presentation, which examines key political issues in the current election cycle — including economic justice; peace and the restraint of violence; racial justice; gender justice; climate change; and truth, honesty and integrity. Watch the presentation


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