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Nekeisha Alayna Alexis, MA

Intercultural Competence and Undoing Racism coordinator

Doug Amstutz, MDiv

Development Associate for Canada

Annette Brill Bergstresser

Communications Manager

Malinda Elizabeth Berry, PhD

Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics; History, Theology, and Ethics Department Chair

Orion Blaha, BA

Assistant Director of Maintenance

David W. Boshart, PhD


Laura Brenneman, PhD

Sessional Faculty

Norm Cender

Director of Maintenance and Campus Safety

David C. Cramer, PhD

Managing Editor, Institute of Mennonite Studies; Core Adjunct Faculty

Randy Detweiler, MDiv

Development Associate

Rachel Fonseca

Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist

Katerina Friesen, MDiv

Core Adjunct Faculty

Al Fuertes, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Luke Gascho, EdD

Sessional Faculty

Brent Graber, MA

Director of Information Technology

Katie Graber, PhD


Kajsa Herrstrom, MDiv, MSLIS

Resource Access Librarian

Jacqueline Hoover, MA

Core Adjunct Faculty

Suzanne Huffman

Business Office Manager

Janna Hunter-Bowman, PhD

Associate Professor of Peace Studies and Christian Social Ethics; Peace Studies Director; MATPS Program Director

Rachel Miller Jacobs, DMin

Associate Professor of Congregational Formation; Church and Ministry Department Chair; Director of Worship

Scott Janzen, MDiv

Assistant Dean & Registrar; Director of Retention; Primary Designated School Official (PDSO)

Janeen Bertsche Johnson, MDiv

Director of Campus Ministries; Admissions Associate; Development Associate; Alumni Director; Core Adjunct Faculty

Andy Brubacher Kaethler, PhD

Associate Professor of Christian Formation and Culture; Academic Program Director; Director, Center for Faith Formation and Culture; Associate Director, Institute of Mennonite Studies; Co-editor, Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology; Director of Campus Care, Campus Ministries

Ed and Gay Kauffman

Volunteer Coordinators

Paul Keim, PhD

Student Services Coordinator; Core Adjunct Faculty

Paula Killough, MDiv

Director of Campaign

James R. Krabill, PhD

Core Adjunct Faculty

Roland G. Kuhl, PhD

Instructor, Journey program; Faculty Mentor, Doctor of Ministry

Beverly Lapp, EdD

Vice President and Academic Dean; Title lX Coordinator

Susannah M. Larry, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Joe Liechty, PhD

Visiting Professor of Peace Studies; History, Theology, and Ethics Department Chair

Jewel Gingerich Longenecker, PhD

Dean of Lifelong Learning; DMin Program Co-Director

Henok T. Mekonin, MA

Global Leadership Collaborative Specialist

Linda Metzler, BSN

Caterer in Residence

David B. Miller, DMin

Teaching Associate, AMBS Church Leadership Center

Steve Norton

Assistant Director, Journey; Church Leadership Center Program Coordinator

Jamie Pitts, PhD

Associate Professor of Anabaptist Studies; Director, Institute of Mennonite Studies; Editor, Anabaptist Witness Journal

Betty Pries, PhD

Core Adjunct Faculty

Deanna A. Risser, MBA

Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Carla Robinson, MA

Assistant Director of Human Resources and Payroll

Allan Rudy-Froese, PhD

Associate Professor of Christian Proclamation

Joe Sawatzky, PhD

Global Leadership Collaborative Project Specialist

Julia Schmidt, MDiv

Program Administrator, Thriving in Ministry Grant

Daniel Schrock, DMin

DMin Program Co-Director; Core Adjunct Faculty

Teresa Thompson Sherrill, MDiv

Enrollment and Financial Aid Specialist; Administrative Assistant for !Explore

Rebecca Slough, PhD

Academic Dean Emerita; Professor Emerita of Worship and the Arts; Affiliate Faculty

Rick Stiffney, PhD


Karen Sherer Stoltzfus

Executive Assistant for the President, Vice President & Academic Dean

Drew Strait, PhD

Assistant Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins

Karl Stutzman, MLS

Director of Library Services

Ben Parker Sutter, MA

Digital Marketing Manager

Luis Tapia Rubio, MDiv

Director of Practical Leadership Training

Anneli Loepp Thiessen, MMus


Leah R. Thomas, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care; Director of Contextual Education

Melissa Troyer

Director of Marketing & Communications

Linsey Vandrick

Executive Assistant for Business Services; Director of Housing; Receptionist

Mary Ann Weber, MA

Director of Enrollment

Jackie Wyse-Rhodes, PhD

Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible; Bible Department Chair

Bob Yoder, DMin, CFRM

Director of Development

Aaron Yost, BA

Data Services Manager

Cheryl Zehr

Executive Assistant, Church Leadership Center

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