!Explore: Theological Program for High School Youth

!Explore gives young people in grades 10, 11 and 12 the chance to develop leadership gifts.

The theological program nurtures youth who are passionate about the church and who desire a place in it — youth who are asking deep questions and long to share their vision, energy and hopes. Through the Congregational Experience and Group Experience, participants engage the world of theological ideas and foster a call to vocation in the church.

About !Explore

During the 17-day Group Experience (June 27 – July 13, 2022), the !Explore group will participate in Mennonite World Conference 2022 in Indonesia. 

Worship and prayer are the bookends of each day, offering new ways to connect to God. In between is time for reflection and activities that build relationships, develop leadership gifts and foster spiritual practices.

Faculty, staff, seminary students and !Explore participants are conversation partners for the theological study that !Explore fosters. In-depth discussions about God, the Bible, culture and faith encourage participants to ask tough questions and exchange ideas with others who share a commitment to the church. Read past participants’ reflections.

!Explore gives thanks to our generous donors.

Expenses for !Explore 2022 at MWC in Indonesia

Congregations, participants and AMBS each have a role to play in covering expenses for !Explore 2022 at MWC in Indonesia. Expenses are covered based on the following contributions:

  • The participant’s congregation contributes $500 to AMBS for !Explore program fees.
  • Congregations also pay $500 to the participant for their church internship.
  • The !Explore participant or the congregation is responsible for all expenses related to their passport, spending money, travel to the international airport as well as any necessary vaccinations and medications related to travel to Indonesia.
  • During the international Group Experience, !Explore will pay all the international airfare, meals, lodging, travel within Indonesia, registration to MWC and the entry visa fee.
  • The !Explore program also gives $500 to each participant at the end of the program.
  • Each participant must have a current passport that will not expire before January 2023. Many countries require the passport to be valid six months after the date you plan on leaving the country you are visiting. 

Extra financial assistance is available on a case by case basis, please email Teresa or Andy as needed at [email protected].

The Explore 2018 group participates in trust-building exercises during their visit to Amigo Centre, Sturgis, Michigan. (Credit: Jason Bryant)

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!Explore flyers

“!Explore was an experience that was very meaningful, very challenging and definitely worth it.” — Miguel Santiago, Souderton, Pennsylvania; 2018 participant

“!Explore was an incredible experience that laid the foundation for where I am today.” — Ben Bouwman, pastor, Walnut Hill Mennonite Church (Goshen, Indiana); MDiv 2017; 2005 participant


Contact the !Explore office
[email protected] • 574-296-6225

Andy Brubacher Kaethler, !Explore Director
Teresa Thompson Sherrill, Administrative Assistant