Exploring Anabaptist History and Theology – Online short course

Taught by Jamie Pitts, PhD

Dates: Oct. 26 – Dec. 13, 2022

Early registration deadline: Oct. 5
Final registration deadline: Oct. 19

This course covers the birth and development of the Anabaptist movements in the 16th century, giving special attention to their theological, social, and political contexts. In addition to surveying the history and theology of the first Anabaptists, the course looks at various interpretations of “Anabaptism” and its meaning today. Students will be challenged to draw connections between the 16th century and their own life and ministry.

After a general introduction to the material, we will look at the history of early Anabaptism in the three primary central European areas where it first developed: Switzerland, south Germany and Austria and the Netherlands and north Germany. We will also see how Anabaptism spread through persecution and mission. Many Anabaptists settled and thrived in relatively safe places such as Moravia.

Studying this material will give us insight into the diversity of the early Anabaptist movements. Students will be challenged to offer an account of Anabaptism and its meaning for today that accounts for its historical diversity. We will end our time by examining some of the theological topics Anabaptists held most dearly: Jesus, the Holy Spirit and discipleship.

Short course students are expected to read assigned materials and complete short assignments, writing in an online discussion forum. Students manage their own time to meet weekly assignment deadlines. 

This course includes an optional evening video conference meeting with Jamie from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time on every Tuesday evening during the six-week course. These meetings will be recorded for participants who aren’t able to attend.

Jamie Pitts, PhD, is Associate Professor of Anabaptist Studies at AMBS.


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