Exploring Peace and Justice in the Bible

Taught by Drew Strait, PhD, and Jackie Wyse-Rhodes, PhD

Dates: Sept. 14 – Oct. 25, 2022

Early registration deadline: Aug. 24
Final registration deadline: Sept. 7

In this class we will study six pertinent biblical passages (three OT and three NT) and reflect individually and collectively on what these texts contribute to a robust and biblically based practice of peace and justice today. These texts will also help us focus on several key issues such as the relationship between peace and justice, how God acts for peace and justice, and the question of how should we act. Do we claim nonviolence, nonresistance, active resistance or something else?

Active student participation in the text studies and active reading of the short commentary provided will contribute to lively discussions of these vital issues. Short course students are expected to read assigned materials and complete short assignments, writing in an online discussion forum. Students manage their own time to meet weekly assignment deadlines. Some short courses also include optional, weekly live video conversations, which are typically recorded for class members who cannot attend.

This course includes an optional video conference meeting with the instructors each week of the course. These meetings will be recorded for participants who aren’t able to attend.


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How short courses work

Courses are offered online and last six weeks each. Short course students are expected to complete coursework on their own and post to an online forum weekly. These short courses also include optional, weekly, live video conversations which are typically recorded for class members who cannot attend.

Short courses explore topics like Anabaptist history, biblical study, spiritual and ethical issues, worship, and more. These non-credit courses involve readings from textbooks and online articles and include written forum discussion. You won’t receive a grade, but readings and discussion are comparable to seminary-level work, and professors assume you have critical thinking skills and some previous academic study.

More details

Visit the short course details page for more information about what to expect from a short course, how you can get CEUs, and what technology requirements you’ll need to participate in an online course.

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