Center for Faith Formation

AMBS is establishing the Center for Faith Formation and Culture to collaborate with the church to prepare congregational leaders who can nurture authentic and vibrant faith within our current culture.

With the Center for Faith Formation and Culture, AMBS will attend to shifts in culture and congregational life and their impact on youth, young adults and families.

AMBS is establishing the Center to

  • prepare graduates to lead faith formation in congregations and communities.
  • analyze shifts in culture and their impact on congregational life and Christians of all ages, especially youth and families.
  • train missional leaders who are savvy readers of our culture and the church’s place in it.
  • equip faculty to teach young adult students.
  • provide resources for congregations, schools, camping programs, church-wide conventions and other ministries.
  • oversee !Explore: A Theological Program for High School Youth as it encourages young people to explore theological study and listen for God’s call.


$2.5 million for the Center for Faith Formation will:

  • establish a faculty position devoted to theological discernment and teaching of faith formation and the impact of cultures on this formation.
  • sustain research on faith formation in communities of disciples.

To contribute immediate support to the program, you may use our online giving option.

To make a planned gift, or to talk with an AMBS development officer about your gift to !Explore, contact Ron Ringenberg, vice president, 574.296.6244.


The Center will help the missional church as we:

  • name and navigate shifts in our culture.
  • recognize where God is at work in our contexts.
  • become more aware of what we value and what we choose to resist in our cultural contexts.
  • live in ways that align with the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Center for Faith Formation establishes an unequaled resource in Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA that will help us witness effectively to God’s work in our culturally rich and complex world.


This Center for Faith Formation is an initiative whose time has come! We need a dynamic church Center that equips leaders to fearlessly form communities around life-giving practices of faith. We need a Center that can serve as a cultural beacon, reminding us all of how alluring a healing and hope-filled culture that throbs to God’s rhythms can be. — Sara Wenger Shenk, President, AMBS

AMBS is in a unique position to both think critically about and experiment with new ways of addressing cultural changes in our world and how they intersect with our faith. The Center for Faith Formation will explore positive ways of being impacted by cultural changes without being simply blown by the wind. In short, such a program has the opportunity to have a far ranging positive impact on both Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA. — Bruce Baergen, manager, Western Canadian Software Inc., Edmonton, Alb.; member of AMBS board of directors