Give to AMBS student aid

When someone hears God’s call to ministry and enters seminary study, responding involves not only a leap of faith but also significant financial investment.

That cost should be borne not only by students, but also by the churches that they will serve. With the help of contributions from individuals, conferences, and denominational groups, AMBS tries to remove financial barriers for students who are testing and responding to God’s call.

Give to student financial aid

Gifts can be made to the Student Aid Fund and will benefit a wide variety of students in the year the gift is given. Individuals and families who want to make large gifts may want to consider establishing an endowed, named scholarship that will benefit students for years to come.

Endowed need-based and merit scholarships provide the following benefits:

  • $25,000: $1,250 annual aid; 9% of full tuition
  • $50,000: $2,500 annual aid; 19% of full tuition
  • $100,000: $5,000 annual aid; 38% of full tuition
  • $265,000: $13,250 annual full-tuition scholarship
  • Anabaptist Leaders Scholarship: $300,000 - $15,000 annual aid, a full-tuition scholarship plus funds to assist with fees, books and other expenses
  • Full Support Scholarship: $540,000 - $27,000 annual aid, estimated cost for a single student including tuition, books & materials, room & board, transportation, insurance, and other personal costs

Contact development

Consult with an AMBS development officer about your wish to give general financial support to students at AMBS. It is important to remember that gifts given for direct support of a specific student are not tax-deductible. The officer will help you determine how to best manage your gift to match your giving goals.