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Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary offers educational opportunities to church leaders around the globe, opening new possibilities for engagement across borders. Together, we share gifts for mutual growth in building a clarified sense of Anabaptist identity for the global communion and what it means to be Anabaptist in the world today.

In 2020, AMBS had 37 international students from 10 countries (not including Canada): Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe. This year 54 international students are enrolled at AMBS!

In 2021, AMBS began it’s third cohort of Ethiopian students in the Master of Arts: Theology and Global Anabaptism (MATGA) program with 13 students, our largest cohort to date. A total of 27 MATGA students are in the program across the three cohorts at Meserete Kristos Seminary. Two students also joined our Journey program from Uganda, beginning this year.

Our Global Leadership Collaborative

AMBS has also partnered with Mennonite World Conference (MWC) to provide Anabaptist-based theological and church leadership education to Anabaptists around the globe in both for-credit and noncredit formats. Pastors and church leaders are able to take courses in biblical and theological studies, church history and ministry in their home countries. Learn more about this “sharing of gifts” between MWC and AMBS

Online offerings equip Anabaptist leaders around the world

You can gain a quality Anabaptist theological education from a fully accredited, academically strong and theologically grounded seminary without moving away from your family or having to secure a visa.

AMBS faculty have extensive international experience, intentionally cultivate intercultural competencies, and utilize global Anabaptist resources for teaching and learning.

Anabaptist Short Courses

  • For new Anabaptists and people seeking to deepen their ministry in the way of Jesus to engage Anabaptist history, thought and witness. Participants explore the resources of the Anabaptist witness across five centuries as a source of inspiration and guidance in our witness today.
  • Offered on a rotating basis and include: Exploring Anabaptist History and Theology; Understanding Anabaptist Approaches to Scripture: What’s Different and Why?; Transforming Congregational Conflict and Communication.
  • Involve readings from textbooks and online articles and written discussion. They do not involve live video conversations or other activities in which all class members come together at one time.
  • Offered online and last six weeks each. Readings and discussion are comparable to seminary-level work.
  • These are brief non-credit courses. Continuing Education Units are available.

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

  • This fully online certificate helps students ground their ministry on a strong biblical and theological foundation from an Anabaptist perspective.
  • Ideal for church leaders, bivocational pastors and other professionals.
  • Students choose their own course of study that matches their interests and learning goals, focusing on biblical studies, theological studies, peace studies or alternatives.
  • Students have opportunities for significant interaction with peers from around the world and to learn from various teaching faculty members.
  • Consists of 27 credit hours (nine courses of three semester hours each) that can be completed within a flexible multi-year schedule.
  • Graduate theological certificate courses can later be transferred toward completion of a full seminary degree if desired.

Journey: A Missional Leadership Development Program

  • An undergraduate-level non-degree program that focuses on spiritual disciplines, theological and biblical studies, character development, mentoring and gifts development to help participants deepen their faith and strengthen their leadership.
  • Designed for active leaders of congregations, church planters, pastors called to ministry without a college or seminary education, and lay leaders preparing for a variety of ministries in the church or community.
  • Can be completed in two-and-a-half to three years.
  • Upon completion, participants receive a non-credit certificate.

Master of Arts: Theology and Global Anabaptism (MATGA)

The Master of Arts: Theology and Global Anabaptism (MATGA) is a 46-credit-hour fully online academic degree that prepares scholars, teachers, pastors and leaders to integrate knowledge of and formation in the Anabaptist tradition with service in their current and future communities. The program is built around focused study of global Anabaptism in the context of biblical studies, peace studies and practical theology.


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