Classics of the Radical Reformation Series

The goal of the Classics of the Radical Reformation (CRR) series has been to offer in the English language, scholarly and critical editions of the primary works of Reformers of the Radical Reformation. Though scholarly, CRR editions are also intended for the wider audience of those interested in Anabaptist and free church writers of the sixteenth century. The translations are intended to be true and polished, yet not excessively literal or wooden.

More information about the books in the series, including annotations, author-editor information and where to purchase copies, is included in the IMS Book Catalog.

Vol. 13: Later Swiss Anabaptist Writings 1529-1592
Vol. 12: Jörg Maler’s Kunstbuch: Writings of the Pilgram Marpeck Circle
Vol. 11: Confessions of Faith in the Anabaptist Tradition 1527-1660 
Vol. 10: Sources of South German/Austrian Anabaptism 
Vol. 9: Peter Riedemann's Hutterite Confession of Faith 
Vol. 8: The Essential Carlstadt 
Vol. 7: The Anabaptist Writings of David Joris 
Vol. 6: The Writings of Dirk Philips 
Vol. 5: Balthasar Hubmaier: Theologian of Anabaptism 
Vol. 4: The Sources of Swiss Anabaptism 
Vol. 3: Anabaptism in Outline: Selected Primary Sources
Vol. 2: The Writings of Pilgram Marpeck 
Vol. 1: The Legacy of Michael Sattler