Intercultural Biblical Hermeneutics Series

The Intercultural Biblical Hermeneutics Series is offered to Bible scholars and interested practitioners with a twofold purpose: to present the fruits of ongoing research in the new field of empirical intercultural hermeneutics, and to foster further conversation and collaboration.

Series Editors: Hans de Wit, Mary H. Schertz
Managing Editor: Heidi King

Books in the series

No 4. Intercultural Reading of John 10:1–21: The Shepherd-Sheep Metaphor as a Leadership-Followership Model
Eric Nii Bortey Anum and Ebenezer Quaye

No 3. From Adequate Biblical Interpretation to Transformative Intercultural Hermeneutics: Chronicling a Personal Journey
Louis C. Jonker

No 2. Toward a Communal Reading of 2 Samuel 13: Ideology and Power within the Intercultural Bible Reading Process
Charlene van der Walt

No 1. Empirical Hermeneutics, Interculturality, and Holy Scripture
Hans de Wit

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