Occasional Papers Series

In the Occasional Papers series, Institute of Mennonite Studies publishes essays in the fields of Bible, history, theology, ethics and pastoral ministry. The intent of the series is to foster discussion and to seek counsel, particularly from within the Mennonite theological community. Many essays are in finished form; some may be in a more germinal stage, released for purposes of testing and inviting critical response.

Information about the books in the series, including annotations, author-editor information and where to purchase copies, is included in the IMS Book Catalog.

No. 27: Satyagraha and nonresistance: A Comparative Study of Gandhian and Mennonite Nonviolence
No. 26: In Celebration of Wisdom: Life and Meaning in Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes 
No. 25: Even the Demons Submit: Continuing Jesus’ Ministry of Deliverance 
No. 24: Using Scripture in a Global Age: Framing Biblical Issues 
No. 23: Take this Word to Heart: The Shema in Torah and Gospel
No. 22: Dutch Mennonite Mission in Indonesia: Historical Essays
No. 21: Without Spot Or Wrinkle: Reflecting Theologically on the Nature of the Church
No. 20: By Faith They Went Out: Mennonite Missions, 1850-1999
No. 19: Theological Education on Five Continents: Anabaptist Perspectives
No. 18: Discipleship in Context: Papers Read at the Menno Simons 500 International Symposium, Elspeet, Netherlands, 1996
No. 17: Making Disciples in the Congregation: A Guide to Christian Formation through the Process of Mentoring and the Experience of Congregational Worship
No. 16: Peace Theology and Violence Against Women
No. 15: Alternative Models of Mennonite Pastoral Formation
No. 14: Anabaptist-Mennonite Identities in Ferment
No. 13: A Disciple’s Christology: Appraisals of Kraus’s Jesus Christ Our Lord
No. 12: Essays on Peace Theology and Witness 
No. 11: Essays on Spiritual Bondage and Deliverance
No. 10: Perspectives on Feminist Hermeneutics
No. 9: Essays on War and Peace: Bible and Early Church
No. 8: Dialog Sequel to Moltmann’s Following Jesus Christ in the World Today 
No. 7: Explorations of Systematic Theology from Mennonite Perspectives
No. 6: Perspectives on the Nurturing of Faith
No. 5: The Pastor-People Partnership: The Call and Recall of Pastors from a Believers’ Church
No. 4: Following Jesus Christ in the World Today
No. 3: The Bible and Law 
No. 2: Theological Education in Missional Perspective
No. 1: Biblical Essays on War and Peace