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IMS Book Catalog

IMS Book Catalog

The IMS Book Catalog (PDF) contains annotated entries of all books published by the institute and details for purchasing. It also lists publications in each of the institute's major series including,

Recollections of a Sectarian Realist: A Mennonite Life in the Twentieth Century

J. Lawrence Burkholder sought to hold together the sectarian impulses of his denominational identity with a sense of social responsibility. This memoir traces the development of his thought as it intersected with the events of his life. Read more

Recollections of a Sectarian Realist
Common Witness: A Story of Ministry Partnership between French and North American Mennonites, 1953–2003

Church planting, sheltered workshops, African student ministry, an Anabaptist research center—what do these initiatives have in common? They are the result of French and North American Mennonite bodies combining their modest resources for a common witness in postwar France. Read more

Common Witness
An Increase in Time: Story Lines of Germantown Mennonite Church and Its Historic Trust, 1683–2005

Richard J. Lichty recounts the history of the oldest Mennonite church in North America. From within the congregation, he tracks its story through periods of slow growth and spiritual stagnation and renewal and vitality, through affiliation with other Mennonite bodies and through conflict and separation from them. Read more

An Increase in Time
Rooted and Grounded: Essays on Land and Christian Discipleship

This collection of essays, and the conference from which it took shape, calls the church to root itself more deeply in the agrarian biblical text and ecclesial tradition in order to remember and freshly imagine ways of living on and with the land that are restorative, reconciling, and faithful to the triune God's invitation to new life in Christ. Read more

Rooted and Grounded