Text Reader Series

The Institute of Mennonite Studies Text Reader Series seeks to make available resources that have promise for seminary classroom use. Priority is given to publishing materials with an orientation toward or relevance for Anabaptist-Mennonite theological tradition.

More information about the books in this series, including annotations, author-editor information and where to purchase copies, is available in the IMS Book Catalog.

  • Education for Peoplehood: Essays on the Teaching Ministry of the Church
  • Theology for the Church: Writings by Marlin E. Miller
  • Understanding Ministerial Leadership: Essays Contributing to a Developing Theology of Ministry
  • Essays in Anabaptist Theology
  • So Wide a Sea: Essays on Biblica1 and Systematic Theology
  • Monotheism, Power, Justice: Collected Old Testament Essays
  • One Lord, One Church, One Hope and One God: Mennonite Confessions of Faith
  • Essays on Biblical Interpretation: Anabaptist-Mennonite Perspectives